Whole Woman

Christine Kent

Saving the Post-Hysterectomy Woman

Essential information to help the post-hysterectomy woman live safely and comfortably.

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Christine Kent

Whole Woman Lecture Series

Two videos:
  - The Miraculous Self-Healing Vagina
  - All-One - The Bacteria-Gut Partnership reveal the latest research into the microbiology of the vagina and gut.

Christine Kent

The Whole Woman Yoga® - Set

Now for the Yoga lover who demands safety for her pelvic organ support system - the complete Whole Woman Yoga® Set. Includes all three videos.

Christine Kent

Whole Woman Fundamentals Videos

Two videos for the Whole Woman basics:
 - Whole Woman Posture Explained
 - Whole Woman Toileting

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Christine Kent

Whole Woman Higher Dimensions

Whole Woman Sounding, Sun Salutation, and Meditation.

Christine Kent

First Aid for Prolapse for Elders

Successfully manage pelvic organ prolapse without dangerous surgery