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Christine Kent

First Aid for Prolapse Video Course

Christine Kent's flagship information expanded into a video course. Say NO! to dangerous pelvic surgery. Join the thousands of women world-wide who have used this work to stay out of the operating room.


First Aid for Prolapse & Whole Woman Exercise Bundle

Take charge of your prolapse Now!

Christine Kent

The Whole Woman® Exercise Bundle

A rich variety of Pelvic Organ Support-Safe Exercises for the Whole Woman

Christine Kent

Joy of Menopause
A Nine Month Journey of Healing

A comprehensive exploration of navigating menopause into the most vital, healthful time of your life.

Christine Kent
2 x $98.50

First Aid for Knees

Think you need dangerous surgery for chronic knee pain? Think again. Apply science-based Whole Woman self-care to your knees. Two payment plan.

Christine Kent

The Whole Woman Solution to Urinary Incontinence

Stabilize and reverse the indignities of urinary incontinence.

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